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Enter The Magical World of Deceptive appearances

These works are reproductions of décors representing the various periods and techniques of this art
and original works by contemporary painters specializing in trompe-l’œil and decorative painting.


“ A surprising experience that carries us into a dreamlike world: fantastic, fun and funny ”

“ With this exhibition, enter the magic world of deceptive appearances and discover the impressive realism of the trompe-l’œil technique ”

“ Illusion that questions the individual perception of artwork and reveals its subjectivity ”

“ An exhibition that drives you to instinctively verify with your hand what your eyes perceive ”

An original exhibition, workshops and fun activities


Tours are guided by qualified speakers and are appropriate for all levels. Audio-guides are also available to visitors who request them.
Kids enjoy a fun, educational programme that is appropriate for their class level and designed to capture their attention.


Our specialized artists demonstrate the various trompe-l’œil and decorative paint techniques to reveal their secrets to adults and children alike.
Adults may participate in five-day on-site training courses.


Initiation workshops offer school groups the opportunity to practice the techniques specific to trompe-l’œil.
Hands-on projects include the creation of a mosaic illusion.

L'exposition itinérante
The travelling exhibition
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La fondatrice
The founder
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Le trompe l'oeil
Le trompe l'oeil
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Les installations
An all-inclusive concept
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